myPYTHIA™ – Decision Tables in SAP

myPYTHIA™ allows to manage a complex set of rules in a well-structured and clearly defined framework, providing an ergonomic user interface which allows maintenance of the knowledge base through the end-user without any programming activities.

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Why should I use myPYTHIA™?

myPYTHIA™ offers an easy way to formulate complex rules and perform calculations. No programming is needed to maintain business rules.

myPYTHIA™ compared to other decision table systems?

myPYTHIA™ is the only fully integrated decision table system for SAP. myPYTHIA™ has been developed with the tools of SAP ABAP/4 workbench.

System requirements

myPYTHIA™ requires at least SAP R/3 Release 4.6C and supports all platforms and database systems up to SAP HANA.

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